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polynSPIRE Networking Events Series

Networking Events provide an opportunity for polynSPIRE partners to meet companies that are working daily in the competitive markets and listening the needs of the end-users. The interactions have a potential in apprehending the needs and focusing the efforts in developing a usable, market-ready technology.

The goal of the entire networking series is to explore how polynSPIRE results could be exploitable at the regional level, with an aim to provide potential exploitation opportunities for the project and its members, and gather information to enrich the polynSPIRE development towards market-ready production.

Taking advantage from the annual or semesterly assemblies organized by the polynSPIRE consortium, a connection between the innovation side (project partners) and the industry (invited companies with proven excellence and which are willing to collaborate and be a part of a game-changing project) is coordinated, cost-efficiently and widely opening polynSPIRE and its member to the “real” industry. The events are being held in different locations and timings according to the project needs and the obtained results.

During the first period (M01-M18) up to 2 network event have been organized, the first polynSPIRE networking event was organized by the coordinator party, Fundacion CIRCE (Centre of Research for Energy Resources and Consumption) in the form of a meeting between polynSPIRE consortium members and selected local Spanish companies that potentially have compatible activities in order to generate business opportunities. The event took place in Zaragoza, Spain.

The second networking event was organized by İstanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters' Association (IKMIB) and Kordsa, both partners from the project and it took place in Istanbul, Turkey. It generated a great interest among regional firms, and over 50 companies took part. A wrap up video from this second event has been generated and it can be seen here.

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