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polynSPIRE Steering Committee meeting: a fruitful exchange on the progress and the deliverables

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

On 25 March, the Steering Committee M43 of the polynSPIRE project took place as an online meeting. The partners gathered to discuss the latest achievements of the work carried out in the context of the different work packages and the way forward. After the opening of the meeting by Ms. Marina Cárdenas and Mr. Alberto Frisa, project coordinators from the CIRCE Foundation, the event continued with an overview of the status quo of the project activities.

The meeting counted on the participation and the interventions of the WP Leaders, Carlos González (CIRCE), Mr. Milan Zobel (FM), Ms. Katarina Babic (IONIQA), Mr. Julio Vidal’s (AITTIP), Ms. Daphne Mirabile (CSM), Mr. Benat Madariaga (MAIER-S), Mr. Jorge Arnall (CIRCE), Ms. Ana Camille Villafaña (CIRCE) and Mr. Marjan Ranogajec (EuPC). Together with various task leaders, polynSPIRE partners got updated on the last project’s progress and discussed the contingency measures to be applied to face the complex global situation the project is surrounded by.

As a relevant remark showed in the meeting, experimental activities on WP5 and WP6 have concluded successfully, being polynSPIRE already able to demonstrate in a relevant environment: 1) innovation B, focused on mechanical recycling to produce enhanced quality recycled materials to be used as raw materials by product manufacturers, and 2) innovation C, focused on valorisation of low-grade plastics as raw materials for the steel industry as substitute of carbon source for iron ore reduction and foaming agents.

The next steps of the project will be focused on the completion of chemical recycling activities (assisted by Microwaves and Smart Magnetic Materials), the validation of the samples obtained by the industrial partners, and of course, boosting the dissemination of the results obtained.

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