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PolynSPIRE Exploitation workshop & final event: project’s achievements and cross-industry networking

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

The polynSPIRE final event took place in Mestre (Venice) on 8 November 2022, in conjunction with the exploitation workshop, a networking event unique and one of its kind in the area of EU-funded projects.

The first part of the event was focused on demos presentations & polynSPIRE advances and solutions, through the three different yet complementary innovations; chemical recycling, mechanical recycling, and valorisation of plastic residues in the steel sector. The dynamic participation of the attendees was further enhanced by an active sharing of views and opinions during the course of three enriching round tables in the field of innovative technologies aimed at achieving a more efficient and sustainable plastic recycling, notoriously the main objective pursued by the polynSPIRE project.

The roundtables were followed by the introduction of other running R&D projects in the area of the circular economy for plastics, namely the Black Cycle project, the Merlin project, the CISUFLO project, and the PLASTICE project, covering a wide array of sectors in the macro category of the circular plastics, ranging from tires to packaging, and to flooring.

The second part of the event was entirely focused on networking opportunities: the attendees, with very diverse backgrounds, from industry representatives to partners of several EU-funded projects, were given the possibility to engage in 15 minutes bilateral meetings. In preparation for the event, the attendees could book 1:1 meetings through a tailored app that allowed them to access in advance the participant lists, with an overview of their organisations and the specific sectors of activities, in view of establishing future collaboration, with the primary objective of strengthening cross-industry relationships to make plastics more circular across sectors and technologies.

The polynSPIRE project, thanks to the contribution of 21 committed partners and more than four years of intense work, helped lead the plastics industry several steps forward toward the ultimate achievement of a fully circular sector and is now coming to an end leaving behind a path dotted with progress and success.

The video of the final event will soon be available on the polynSPIRE website and social networks.

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