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polynSPIRE concept


polynSPIRE main objective 

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  • Demonstrating at TRL 7 a set of innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions with an aim to improve the energy and resource efficiency of plastic recycling processes for materials containing at least 80% plastic.

  • The project is focused on following plastic containing materials:

    • post-consumer (after products’ end of life)

    • post-industrial (produced during transformation processes from raw materials to final product)

Main objective 

Innovative solutions 

polynSPIRE solution

A cost-effective transformation of plastic waste into raw materials through its recycling and valorisation

Comparing the different approaches will reveal best technical, environmental and economic fit for the different materials depending on waste source (post-industrial or post-consumer), composition, contaminants or other relevant parameters

The economic and environmental benefits of the approaches will be analysed by carrying out Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Cost (LCC) to recycling/valorisation process of the different materials

Innovation A
Chemical recycling
Innovation B
Mechanical recycling
Innovation C

polynSPIRE impact

The project will address 100% waste containing streams ensuring the recycling of at least a 50% of total plastics containing PA and PU leading to a reduction of CO2 equivalent emissions between 30% and 40%.

  • polynSPIRE will create a database by mapping the distribution of plastic wastes across Europe, with a focus on Polyamide (PA), Polyurethane (PU) wastes and their mixture with other plastics such as Polyolefins (e.g. PE or PP).   

  • polynSPIRE will also develop a guideline for the overcoming of potential legislative barriers

Six market sectors will benefit:

  • Automotive

  • Appliance

  • Electronics

  • Constructions

  • Packaging

  • Textile

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Business plan


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