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Second Edition polynSPIRE Networking Event is coming to Istanbul this October

After a successful debut of polynSPIRE Networking Series in Zaragoza (Spain), the 2nd Networking Event will take place on the 4th of October in Istanbul (Turkey). The event will be organized by İstanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters' Association (IKMIB), one of polynSPIRE partners.

The Networking Events provide an opportunity for polynSPIRE partners to meet companies that are working daily in competitive markets and listening needs of the end-user. These interactions have a potential in apprehending the needs and focusing the efforts in developing a usable, market-ready technology. The goal of the entire networking series is to explore how polynSPIRE results could be exploitable at the regional levels, with an aim to provide potential exploitation opportunities for the project and its members, and gather information to enrich the polynSPIRE development towards market-ready production. The events are for companies with proven excellence and who are willing to collaborate to be a part of a game-changer project.

The first polynSPIRE networking event was organized by CIRCE Foundation (Centre of Research for Energy Resources and Consumption) in the form of a meeting between polynSPIRE consortium members and selected local Spanish companies that potentially have compatible activities in order to generate business opportunities. The companies are medium and large industries that have relation to the polyurethane and/or polyamide issues, such as mattresses manufacturers, waste managers or materials manufacturers. Some of the leading regional firms took part, such as Pikolin, Relax, HMY Yudigar, Urbaser, and the Aragon Automotive Cluster (CAAR) with the aim of exploring the opportunities offered by the new plastic recycling routes and meet the current and future demands of the companies in the community.

The event began with a presentation of the polynSPIRE project for the invited companies, followed by a short individual presentation. During the event, the invited companies have shown their interest in the exploration of collaborative solutions in the field of sustainable treatment of plastic materials. Both (project partners and regional companies) have explored collaboration opportunities during the event, reflecting the potential of the polynSPIRE project in only its first 7 months of life. The networking event and the project gained considerable traction in local media, such as in Retema, Residuos Profesionales, Futuro en Viro, Eleconomista, Energynews, Interempresas, and Construible.

The 2nd Networking Event will gather companies from the plastic, steel and automotive related industries with a goal to explore how project results could be exploitable in such an important market as Turkey. polynSPIRE consortium hopes that this interaction with real market representatives will yield valuable insights and provide a capacity to deliver disruptive innovation to the market. All project partners expect to acquire valuable contacts, opportunities and information, that will help them to achieve more customer-focused and market-sensitive results.

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