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2nd polynSPIRE Networking event

After a successful debut of polynSPIRE Networking Event in March this year, the 2nd Networking Event took place on the 4th October in Istanbul, Turkey. The event was organized by İstanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters' Association (IKMIB) and Kordsa, both partners of the polynSPIRE project. The Networking Events provide an opportunity for project partners to meet companies that are working daily in competitive markets and listening needs of the end-user. These interactions have potential in apprehending the needs and focusing the efforts in developing a usable, market-ready technology.

There was a great interest among regional firms for the event, and over 50 companies took part in the 2nd polynSPIRE Networking Event. The companies are medium and large industries from the plastic, steel and automotive - related industries, such as Plastonline, Tisan, Eurotec, Epsan, etc.

The 2nd Networking Event started with a warm welcome by IKMIB and Kordsa representatives and it was followed by a presentation of polynSPIRE project. The project was presented by Ms. Tatiana García Armingol, coordinator of polynSPIRE, and she gave an overview of the project, including the main results that were achieved in the first year. At the end of the first part of the event, participants had an opportunity to see the first polynSPIRE promotional video.

After the presentations, the participants proceed to the second part of the event; direct meetings between polynSPIRE consortium members and selected local Turkish companies. During the meetings, the companies have shown their interest in the exploration of collaborative solutions in the field of sustainable treatment of plastic materials.

As polynSPIRE partners hope that these interactions with real market representatives will produce valuable insights and provide a capacity to deliver disruptive innovation to the market, the next Networking Event will take place early next year.

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