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Events 2019

Dr. Tatiana Garcia Armingol, polynSPIRE coordinator, participated in a workshop dedicated to the regulatory barriers for Plastics Circularity on the HARMONI Summit in Brussels, Belgium. She presented the polynSPIRE project, alongside other innovation projects on the chemical recycling, to many stakeholders from from the plastic industry.

In addition, our coordinator also participated in https://www.polynspire.euthe European Chemical Recycling Conference 2019, together with numerous research institutes, industries, non-governmental organizations, and European and national policymakers. The conference was organized on 4th of June 2019 in Brussels, Belgium. During the conference, she presented the project and the innovative approach to the chemical recycling to 150 participants.

Ecomondo, The Green Technology Expo was held in Rimini (Italy), ans it is the leading event in Europe for the new models of circular economy. During the expo, polynSPIRE partners had the opportunity to get in touch with the major stakeholders, associations and companies from the plastics industry.

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