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Next steps for polynSPIRE

  • On October 2021 we will celebrate a big milestone - our second Review meeting and three year of the project. During the meeting, we will show our propitiatory solutions and results derived from a reactor for chemical recycling via Smart Magnetic Materials, a designed injection system, etc. Under the representation of many of polynSPIRE partners, we plan to discuss and present to the European Comission the results that have been reached during 2020 and 2021.

  • CIRCE, one of polynSPIRE partners, is set to receive a dedicated new medium lab-scale microwave applicator in their facilities in Zaragoza (Spain). Thanks to the applicator, the ongoing basic simulations will be performed for mainly virgin polymers and will be replicated to other materials (post-consumer and post-industrial flows) within the project’s framework thanks to experimental characterization of different materials (polymers) properties. The applicator is expected to be fully operational towards the end of March 2021.

  • In the next months, the reactor for chemical recycling via Smart Magnetic Materials (SMM), will be installed and operative to produce the firsts results. At the beginning of the project, polynSPIRE partners developed a conceptual design and basic engineering of the reactor coupled with magnetic filter for recovery of SMM. After that, our partners developed some simplified models in order to establish the basis for the further basic engineering activity for the magnetic system. Now, we are looking forward to share the results of the reactor in the upcoming period.

  • A Designed injection system has been started at FerriereNord – Gruppo Pittini. This system includes complete silo storage injection dispenser with control system, as well as dedicated EAF injector – combining injection of polymers, white slag, oxy-fuel burner and supersonic oxygen. Further research will follow.

  • polynSPIRE is continuing a new online campaign “What does polynSPIRE bring you?”. Please have a look at some of the previous guests below and make sure to follow our Twitter and LinkedIn pages for the latest news and posts.

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